Saffire RegularWhy do specific scents become so deeply connected to our emotions and nostalgia? The answer lies in the unique connection between the sense of smell, our brain and our biology.




The special connection our senses create when presented with an inherently pleasing or nostalgic aroma produces an instant release of endorphins in our brain. These endorphins create a joyful, yet personal association to our feelings, and memories.  From the sweet fragrance of Blueberry Pie in moms kitchen, to the rich aroma of firewood, they all bring us to the door way of our memories. 




 This collection was created just you, and all your preciouses memories. 



M A D E   W I T H   L O V E   I N   M A S S A C H U S E T T S  

Made with highly purified fragrance oils sourced directly from the USA and guaranteed to be 100% Phthalate free. We use GMO-FREE organic soy wax which contains no paraffin and no unnatural additives. Soy waxes are biodegradable, renewable, and environmentally safe.  Imported direct from the USA and is botanically based.