Looking for something different?

Our Certified Crystal Healers, and practicing Herbalists use a very holistic approach in creating the Crystal Healing Candle.

We combined organic elements such as raw crystals, essential oils, natural herbs, and sacred healing rituals, all scientifically proven to physically and mentally heal the mind, body and soul.
Can`t decide on a crystal energy to get? Well stress no more, your bodies gravitational vibration already has a crystal picked out!  The deep vibration is so efficacious that eyesight alone can harmoniously draw you two together.  So, don`t worry about finding the best crystal energy, just let your intuition guide you. 
 Whether you need  crystals that promotes calm, balance, fortune-bringing, heart-healing, or something entirely different, the right crystal energy will find its way to you.

-Anxiety & Depression
Smokey Quartz- Carnelian- Rose Quartz- Citrine,

-Love & Beauty
Rose Quartz- Rhodonite- Amethyst- Moonstone,

-EMF Blocker
Sodalite- Black Tourmaline- Amazonite,

-Psychic Blocker
Black Tourmaline- Amethyst- Lapis- Tigers Eye,

-Manifest Protection
Bloodstone- Red Jasper- Tigers Eye- Hematite,

-Abundance & Prosperity/Money
Tigers Eye- Aventurine- Green Agate- Citrine- Pyrite-Tree Agate,

-Happiness & Forgiveness
Rose Quartz- Amethyst- Citrine- Tigers Eye,

-Calm Vibes
Blue Lace Agate- Jade- Rose Quartz- Milky Quartz

-House Protection
Amethyst- Obsidian- Smokey Quartz- Rose Quartz- Black Tourmaline,

-Communication & Calm
Aquamarine- Lace Agate- Lapis- Hematite,

-Memory & Wisdom
Pyrite- Rhodonite- Clear Quartz- Fluorite,

-Grief & Loss
Amethyst- Black tourmaline- Moonstone Citrine- Rhodonite,

-Wedding & New Beginnings
Rhodonite- Dalmatian Jasper- Jade- Carnelian- Rose Quartz,

-Animal Healing
Fluorite- Tiger Jasper- Dragon Stone- Blue Lace Agate,

-Pregnancy & Peaceful Balance
Unakite- Moonstone- Tiger’s Eye- Aventurine,

-Work Place & Career
Aventurine- Lapis- Citrine- Amethyst-Carnelian,

-Divorce & Breakup
Rhodonite- Clear Quartz- Rutilated Quartz- Red Agate- Amethyst,

-Chakra Healing
Aventurine- Tigers Eye- Amethyst- Rose Quartz- Red Jasper- Lapis- Obsidian-Clear Quartz,