Programming Your Crystal
When you program your crystal you are setting a crystal clear intention for what you need help with. Programming gives your crystal a laser like focus. It will do what it can to help you and however it can. This is ideal for when there is something very specific you chose a crystal for. Crystals work in their own ways but crystals are more than happy to help you if you communicate that to them. I don’t see it as telling the crystal what to do or that it will limit its effect in some way. It’s simply setting a connection consciously with the stone. It’s kinda like the saying “you can’t fix what you don’t know”.
Cleanse Your Energy Candle

Sage or Santo:  You can cleanse your Energy Candle or Crystal by using sage or Santo. Place your candle (not lit) onto a flat surface. Using your sage or Santo wand in one hand, fan the smoke over and around the sides to purify the entire candle. You can do this with your recycled crystals as well. Please refer to my website for suggested smudging rituals.

⦁ Use the Cleanse & Purify Energy Candle( Wilted Cauldron Energy Collection Candle): This candle offers a little of all the tools needed to successfully complete your cleanse. It offers natural sage leaf, citrus essential oil, Santo flakes, you can even add in a supper charging crystal like Clear Quarts or Selenite.

Diffuse: Using a diffuser you can surround your Crystal candle with the aromas of natural cleansing essential oils. Oils such as spearmint, lemon, lavender, or frankincense.


Charge Your Crystal Energy Candle

The Full moon Charge- The light of the full moon is the best time to recharge your candle or recycled crystal.  If re-charging your Crystal be sure to sit it under the warm sun to melt off any left over wax. Then place it outside under direct moonlight to purify and strengthen its individual energy. Supper Charge- The light of the full moon is strong for about three full days but you can leave them out for longer if you feel the sting needs to do so. Candles- bring them inside first thing in the morning, then bringing them outside at dusk. Crystals- You may leave out during daylight. Crystals love natural light, and get tons of plentiful energy from the UV rays that this ball of fire puts off.

Quick Charge- Using the waning moonlight, or even sunlight works very well for a quick charge. Place your candle or crystal outside for a few hours, or overnight. Don't forget to bring it back inside first thing in the morning (the sun will melt your wax). If you would like to charge the sun to charge, place it in  a window sill for a few hours. Just make sure the sun is not too warm on the wax.


Program Your Crystal Energy Candle

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Relax and take a few deep breaths…

2. Take your cleansed crystal energy candle, place both hands over the lid of your candle (unlit) and try to use a greater sense of focus (your Third Eye Chakra). If you're performing this on a left over Crystal, you can actually hold the Crystal directly up in front of your Third Eye Chakra (just above eye level).

3. While focusing on the Crystal you chose and your clear intention, say one of the following or similar words out loud or in your head:

“I program this crystal for… (state purpose/request)”
“I charge this crystal with my intention to… (state purpose/request)”
“Crystal, please assist me with… (state purpose/request)”

 4. It's suggested to remove any heavy articles of clothing, and shoes, making the area clear of clutter, and/ or negative people. When lighting your wick, let go of worries, stress, letting your mind rest thus allowing your Third Eye to open.  Each session never lasting longer than 4 hours, while following strict candle safety guidelines.

 Crystals do collect negativity throughout each session, so performing a cleansing ritual prior to each session is also highly suggested.

Full Moon Bath

If you can, go enjoy a candlelit moon bath outside by bathing under the moonlight. Take a dip in the ocean or freshwater, as this magical force brings connection to you and the energy of the full moon. If going outside isn’t an option, run yourself a nice hot bath with good natural salts, essential oils like lavender, or even rose petals if oils are not an option. You can use natural herbs like rosemary or clove leaf. Lite your Healing Energy Candle and maybe burn some Palo Santo, and just relax.