W I L T E D  C A U L D R O N  

This magnificent candle collection is brought to you by Wilted Cauldron.  Our fragrant aromas come evoked with 100% Soy wax, low smoke cotton wicks, sleek glass jars, and decorated to perfection.  Wilted Cauldron also offers a multitude of fragrant aromas, and sizes to match any candle craving.   

 We want you to enjoy the aroma and appreciate ambiance of your candle experience. All our scents undergo a true fragrance test to ensure your aroma gives a smooth pottant throw from beginning to end. We will never dilute our oils and ignore any artificial fragrances out there on the market.  Our distributers are reputable US suppliers and share the same values as W I L T E D   C A U L D R O N Candle Company.  If you are not happy with you purchase, we promise to always do our best to make it right.