Baby Freya Regular

Khallea RegularOur elegant handcrafted, Wooded Dough Bowls are perfect for any home décor!  Choose from any of our two amazing finishes Distressed White or Rustic Natural. 


Our Dough Bowls come filled with highly scented, complex fragrance blends created by Wilted Cauldron. Choose your favorite scent, from Gourmand and Edible, to even those more rustic scents!  Anyone of our delightful scents is sure to go along with your new dish. Our wide selection allows you to discover all types of fragrances, and each aroma provides an equally enjoyable aromatic sensation. 

Our candles come packed with100% natural organic soy wax and infused with uncut fragrances. Using raw materials mean our products contain no harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. Soy wax also tends to burn cooler: this helps to create a burn time of 70-plus hours on average. We take pride in producing candles that are eco-friendly with wicks that are 100% lead free.

Medium Dough-Bowl

NET. WT. 14.5 oz. Grandeur Soy